The following services are included within Management Charges:

  1. Buildings insurance
    • insuring the building;
    • collecting and the paying of insurance premiums;
  2. Maintenance of Property (the costs chargeable to lessees)
    • inspecting the property and administering the general repair and maintenance of the property;
    • arranging garden and grounds maintenance, cleaning and window cleaning (where required);
    • arranging electrical maintenance/lighting/door and gate entry systems;
    • arranging maintenance of fire alarm and fire precaution systems;
  3. Management of Accounts
    • collecting ground rents and remitting to the freeholder;
    • payment of establishment bills, etc. from service charge funds collected;
    • invoicing and collecting service charges from leaseholders;
    • producing annual service charge statement of income and expenditure and estimated accounts for the forthcoming year, and liaising with Accountants where applicable;
    • general correspondence and dealing reasonably with enquiries but limited to an amount of time that can be expected to be spent on assembling and giving information.

Whilst we have scheduled visits to properties we are also reliant on residents and contractors bringing matters to our attention. Contractors we use work with us on other blocks so that we have a nucleus of tradesmen we can rely on. However, problems do occur from time to time. If contractors’ work is not up to standard, we will take this up directly with the contractor concerned.

We aim to give the best possible standard of service, and with your co-operation we can work together to maintain properties to an acceptable standard. Any concerns you have should be reported to us as soon as possible.