Asset Property Management Ltd is a Bournemouth-based property management company with over 30 years’ experience, specialising in the management of residential blocks in Dorset and Hampshire, including Southampton, Bournemouth, Poole, Weymouth and Dorchester.

We pride ourselves in providing a personable, professional, competitive and comprehensive service, with long-serving property managers who remain familiar with your property.

We provide a full property service for residents, leaseholders, freeholders, developers and management companies:

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Leave your maintenance and administration to APM. We have over 30 years’ residential property management experience, so you are in capable hands.

A good managing agent will have systems in place to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements, in particular:

We act in an impartial way as the link between freeholder and leaseholder, and in particular between individual leaseholders, where disputes are common.

We will help to add value to your block over the longer term, maintain the common parts of the building, and ensure that a healthy reserve fund is maintained and that service charges are competitive.

On engagement, we set out the standard fees charged for property management. Additional fees are reviewed annually and may be levied in the following situations:

The following services are included within Management Charges:
  1. Buildings insurance
    • insuring the building;
    • collecting and the paying of insurance premiums;
  2. Maintenance of Property (the costs chargeable to lessees)
    • inspecting the property and administering the general repair and maintenance of the property;
    • arranging garden and grounds maintenance, cleaning and window cleaning (where required);
    • arranging electrical maintenance/lighting/door and gate entry systems;
    • arranging maintenance of fire alarm and fire precaution systems;
  3. Management of Accounts
    • collecting ground rents and remitting to the freeholder;
    • payment of establishment bills, etc. from service charge funds collected;
    • invoicing and collecting service charges from leaseholders;
    • producing annual service charge statement of income and expenditure and estimated accounts for the forthcoming year, and liaising with Accountants where applicable;
    • general correspondence and dealing reasonably with enquiries but limited to an amount of time that can be expected to be spent on assembling and giving information.

Whilst we have scheduled visits to properties we are also reliant on residents and contractors bringing matters to our attention. Contractors we use work with us on other blocks so that we have a nucleus of tradesmen we can rely on. However, problems do occur from time to time. If contractors' work is not up to standard, we will take this up directly with the contractor concerned.

We aim to give the best possible standard of service, and with your co-operation we can work together to maintain properties to an acceptable standard. Any concerns you have should be reported to us as soon as possible.

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Not all out-of-hours situations give rise to an emergency call-out, and leaseholders/residents must apply common-sense to each situation. Until such time as the cause of the emergency is determined, the leaseholder/resident making the call is liable for emergency call-out charges:

Emergency contractor contact details:
  • Electrical: Dean Turner 07751 131763
  • Drains: Roger Ryder 07802 692625
  • Plumbing: Gary Wilson 07775 624331
  • General building: Spencer Tiller 07734 462233
  • Fire alarms: Refer to alarm control on site or Olympian 07818 414128
  • Locksmith: Bob Baker 07704 655027

Non-emergency situations are those where there is not an immediate threat to further property damage, and the repairs can reasonably be carried out during normal working hours.

Examples of emergency situations are power failure to the block, water leakage or roof damage giving rise to water penetration.

Liability for call-out charges will not be met from service charge funds where the fault is caused by a breakdown or malfunction of equipment within a flat/apartment, such as a washing machine or central heating system within an individual unit.


In the event of an insurance claim, this will be processed by Asset Property Management having regard to the extent to which the claim is covered by the building insurance policy (the responsibility of the Managing Agent), and the extent to which it is normally covered by your own contents insurance policy (the responsibility of the leaseholder/resident).

Asset Property Management can supply contractor details to make good any insured damage to property. It is important that no contractor is engaged to carry out works unless you have received feedback from us or the Insurer. Contractors are checked to ensure they maintain current professional indemnity insurance. It is however the responsibility of the leaseholder to be satisfied that the contractors can carry out the works required to an acceptable standard. If you are dissatisfied with the workmanship the leaseholder/resident will be required to deal with the contractor to rectify any problems. Asset Property Management do not accept responsibility, financial or otherwise, for works carried out inside flats/apartments, but will do their best to mediate if a dispute arises.

Normally insurance companies will require three quotations before processing an insurance claim.